The smart solar generator that provides power anywhere and helps save on electricity at home.

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SolPad Mobile is far more than just a portable energy collector — it's a one stop solution for significant power at home or on the go and it's the world's first self-architecting AC micro-grid.

And with SolControl, it seamlessly lets you track, manage, and automate your energy usage in your apartment or home so that you're always sure to use your power wisely. It's a revolutionary leap.

Leading the charge.

SolPad Mobile has more built-in battery storage than any other portable solar device. And multiple devices can be linked to create even more.

Our FlexGridTM system lets you connect multiple SolPad Mobile devices to generate as much power as you could imagine. And linking our devices is plug and play — they're self-configuring and instantly ready to give you the ability to make your own mini-grid off the grid.

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Following the sun is a walk in the park.

Using the tilt mechanism, you can easily adjust the SolPad Moblie to optimize your solar collection any time of the day.

Smart, fast charging

SolPad Mobile is easily programmable so that you can charge SolPad from your wall outlet when grid electricity is least expensive.

Lightweight & thin

At just 25 pounds, SolPad Mobile is a light heavyweight. And its thin form factor and convenient handle make it easy to bring the power with you—without spending all your energy doing it.

Connectivity built-in

SolPad Mobile is packed with communication technolgies such as high speed WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, and more. It also functions as an internet hotspot.

Anti-theft protection

Our theft protection software makes sure your SolPad Mobile is going places— without going anywhere you can’t find it.

Auto away

SolPad conveniently turns on or off home devices and applicances as you arrive and leave your house or apartment through geofencing technology.

Smart power delivery

SolPad automatically delivers the exact amount of solar power needed to all your legacy and popular third party smart appliances. Now you can decide what you want to power, when you want to power.

Blackout alert

The blackout alert mode notifies you if there is ever a blackout. And through its flashlight and audio beacon, you’ll be able to find SolPad Mobile with ease.

Home automation

SolPad Mobile, SolControl, and the Mobile app all work in perfect concert to make home automation a snap. Intelligently conserve energy and save money too.