Welcome to the future of the sustainable solar + battery storage for the connected home or business. Welcome to SolPad.

SolPad gives you the ability to experience true energy independence with total control of your power. SolPad uses future‑forward design paired with a disruptive level of system integration.  With this approach, SolPad reduces the installed cost of solar power with battery storage by up to 50% when compared to other available solar + storage products.

SolPad is creating and defining a new sustainable energy future that will help clean up our environment and make the power of the sun accessible to everyone.

“Labor and technical soft costs are the hardest problems to solve when it comes to integrating solar and storage with software. SolPad did an amazing job of inventing new technologies and packaging them in a way that is both consumer and installer friendly.”

Barry Cinnamon
CEO of Spice Solar and a Longtime Solar Industry Installer

“The transformative promise of solar is that it turns the old energy paradigm — one of centralized polluting power plants and captive consumers — on its head by putting power literally in the hands of people. It empowers consumers to produce their own homegrown energy, to save on their energy bills, and to be the change they want to see in the world. The SolPad shows us what that energy future looks like, all in one simple, functional and super-cool product that puts the consumer first.”

Adam Browning
Executive Director of Vote Solar

Solutions for Residential and Commercial

New Construction / Existing Homes and Buildings

Company:  SolPad, Inc was founded in 2012 and is the designer and manufacturer of the SolPad series of renewable energy products.  SolPad’s mission has always been to disrupt the conventional energy landscape by delivering integrated, user-friendly solar energy products that provide the most powerful, efficient and cost-effective solutions for the smart home and off-grid power environments. SolPad’s innovative Solar + Storage + Energy Management products are designed to empower consumers, giving them the ability to choose clean power solutions to reduce their carbon footprint.  The timing for SolPad’s product launch coincides with the explosive growth of the global energy storage market.  SolPad is headquartered in Mountain View, CA.


Impact:  SolPad was founded with a humanitarian mission in mind, to provide cost-effective and flexible power alternatives to people living in expensive power regions around the world.  Multiple years of R&D have led to a different approach than most traditional solar companies, combing a robust Solar + Storage system that has proven to be an ideal solution for everything from small commercial installations to hurricane damaged areas such as Puerto Rico.  In our efforts to assist the residents of Puerto Rico.    SolPad offers long-lasting renewable energy solutions that can start on a very small scale (one to two panels and batteries for backup power) and then easily scale to entire whole home energy or commercial systems.  The potential to assist the military, relief organizations, businesses and the average energy consumer are limitless.


SolPad is based in San Jose, California, and is committed to applying the best possible design to alternative energy generation.

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